Gluta-X 500 G


Prevents muscular catabolism and participates in the transport of nitrogen from muscle tissue.

Main energy source of rapidly dividing cells (lymphocytes, enterocytes) which allows a stronger immune system and digestive system.

Maintains cellular hydratation and volume.

Studies have shown that an intake of 2g of L-Glutamine before going to sleep increases growth hormone by 400%.

It accelerates the healing of contusions and burns.

For your training, L-Glutamine is the most important amino acid.

Ajinomoto L-Glutamine is renowned worldwide for its superior quality L-Glutamine isolate. Ajinomoto is a society that demands the highest standards in the market as to the purity and integrity of its ingredients. XPN is a pioneer in the market for dietary supplements using only Ajinomoto L-Glutamine.