If you are a certified trainer and want to easily manage, create and modify workouts DANZO is the solution! Access your client profiles at all times and track progress. With over 1600 exercises complete with videos and descriptions, our platform allows you to create the perfect workout for each of your clients. Customers can then access their personalized program directly on their mobile device.

COVID-19 having led to the closure of training centers and the closure of several businesses and the increase in telework, people have no choice but to find other alternatives to continue their training or simply move.

It is therefore difficult for personal trainers to continue to manage their clients' training programs from a distance. Danzo, therefore, offers the possibility of allowing your customers to access a personalized training program via their mobile device, tablet or computer and to use it at home, in a fitness center or any place of their choice.

    • Follow-up of your customers

      Offer personalized follow-up and better supervision during training sessions using the personal information entered in the user profile section. Access the physical condition and specifics that will allow you to avoid inappropriate exercises and the risk of injury is associated with each client. Our approach is personalized and allows us to support the progression and to take into account the objectives, weight, mass, injuries, taking medication or surgeries of the user. You will, therefore, be able to manage the update of the profile and interact with your customers via the platform.

    • Training program

      The user can easily view your training program supported by movement descriptions and explanatory videos. You will be able to create personalized training programs from our bank of more than 1600 videos of different exercises. Also, each training will be adjusted according to the type of training: duration, resistance, percentage of effort, pulsations which will allow you to reach your goals while minimizing the risk of injury. All you have to do is select the desired day and follow the instructions for the program to be carried out.

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