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DANZO is an innovative a web and mobile app made for those who seek to live a healthy lifestyle. The app integrated many features allow for a full training experience.

Danzo’s innovative concept aims to offer the best digital training experience available. A 150% increase in mobile device usage by 2021 in Canada solidifies the need for a leader like DANZO in the digital training market. Our app allows users to obtain personalized training programs via their mobile devices, tablet or computer to keep them inspired and motivated at home and at the gym.


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Overview of what DANZO offers:

    • Overview of what DANZO offers:


      Get personalized follow-ups and better supervision during your training sessions by providing your personal information in this section. This information will allow your trainer to assess your physical needs, provide appropriate training, and avoid any unnecessary risk of injury. Our personalized approach allows you to track your progress while taking into account your goals, weight, mass, injuries, medication or surgery. Your personal trainer will update your profile based on your interactions.

    • Overview of what DANZO offers:


      Our certified personal trainers create programs using a combination of some of our 1600 filmed exercises.

      To make things even easier, each exercise lets you know how to adapt your effort, resistance, effort and heart rate.

      Just follow the program and stay focused on reaching your goals.

    • Overview of what DANZO offers:


      Our app provides access to personal trainer profiles with information about their skillset, interests, experience, and expertise, so you can choose the personal trainer to best fit your needs and goals.

    • Overview of what DANZO offers:

      Products and accessories

      Our online boutique is complete with supplements and equipment to help you stay fit in the comfort of your home. Your trainer can help pick products that will maximize your results. Order and pay on the app and receive your order at your doorstep.

    • Overview of what DANZO offers:


      Keep an eye out for new promotions! Everyone can enjoy the benefits supplements and accessories with the discounts available through the DANZO app.

    • Overview of what DANZO offers:


      Stay motivated with one of our six free musical mixes on the integrated player within the app. A new motivating mix is uploaded every month. Control your music at all times at the top of the screen.

    • Overview of what DANZO offers:

      Purchase a training program

      Our certified trainers will build your very own 45 or 60 day training program based on your needs and current physical condition. With over 1600 exercises available, your perfect training program is just a few clicks away. Purchase a program directly through the online store now!

    Innovative App

    DANZO gives you access to over 1600 exercises complete with description video directly on the app. DANZO is packed with features designed to keep you motivated, like a training partner should


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